Save Your Hearing

A while back I wrote about the damage that noise, such as the din in subways, concerts, and spinning classes, does to our hearing. This article describes evidence that noise is correlated to hearing loss.
Wear those ear plugs. The more people do it, the less silly we’ll look!


2 thoughts on “Save Your Hearing

  1. Sarinne Fox says:

    Haha, I figure I look less goofy wearing ear plugs than I do wearing the scrunchy-face look of pain from annoying noises! šŸ™‚

  2. Paul M. Bauer says:

    I’ve suffered significant hearing loss most likely due to headphone use. People, when they warn about headphone use, believe it. Also believe that it is NO FUN having to say “What?” three times when you’re talking to someone in a crowded place. Makes you look and feel old.

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