Jamie Leigh Jones Loses Her Rape Case in Court

The news this week brings a reminder that while mandatory arbitration infringes on employees’ rights to a full trial in court, sometimes a full trial in court is no great shakes either. Jamie Leigh Jones, the Halliburton employee who accused seven of her co-workers of brutally raping her, lost her case when a jury ruled that the sex was consensual. One of Jones’s attorneys suggested that the verdict may have been different if the jury had been allowed to hear evidence about “her rapist’s criminal history, including violence against women.” He said that the jury did hear evidence about Jones’s “entire personal history.”

This story may not be over: I expect that Jones’s attorneys will appeal the verdict based on those evidentiary decisions and possibly on other grounds as well.

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3 thoughts on “Jamie Leigh Jones Loses Her Rape Case in Court

  1. Lilo says:

    I doubt that her lawyers will waste any more money on this case. The omitted evidence would not have changed the result or the fact that there was no credible evidence to support her allegation that she was raped.

  2. fu says:

    Yes, the credible evidence– the rape kit– disappeared. Fucking pigs

  3. roo says:

    No, it didn’t disappear. It just showed she had sex with one guy. Also, large sections of her testimony proved to be total lies. They don’t even have guns but she claims they held her prisoner with machine guns? There was no trace of date rape drugs. She had a documented history of accusing rape and treatment for mental instability. She claimed she was too traumatized to leave her house while she was earning multiple college degrees, teaching, writing a book, giving interviews on TV, testifying before Congress, fundraising for her new organization. Please. She spit in the face of real rape victims everywhere.

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