New Body-Shaming for Women — But This Time the Problem is Their Men

Remember how Dove invented a new physical flaw for women to worry about and spend money on? They ran commercials for a product that is supposed to make women’s underarms more attractive, whatever that means.

Another company has jumped on the “invent a neurosis for women” bandwagon. It’s an outfit called “Masque” that advertised in Marie Claire with this copy:

“Masque is the first product proven to conceal any unpleasant flavors associated with pleasuring your man and his subsequent climax. These orally-dissolvable, flavored gel strips will take the intimacy between you and your partner to the next level.”

Translated from commercialese, the idea is that if a woman’s male partner tastes bad to her, she should endure and swallow, but then she better clean out her mouth so she tastes good to him. If he doesn’t taste good it is her responsibility to make sure he doesn’t have to experience the flavor himself.

And there it is, a new reason for women to worry that they are unattractive — unkissable — and it comes up only during sex, just when they want to feel uninhibited.

If male groin flavor is a problem, why not market deodorizing wipes for men to use before their partners visit the area in question? They could even be flavored like the gel strips for women (I’m thinking chocolate, but then I’m often thinking about chocolate). Maybe it is because men aren’t as vulnerable to body-shaming as women are, which is a different and much longer article.


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