What Doesn’t Separate Us From Animals 2: Empathy, Cooperation, and More

If humans aren’t fundamentally different than animals, isn’t it wrong to treat them the way we do — like killing billions of them each year to eat?

Yet scientists continue to disprove speculation about the differences between us and other animals. This week a group of scientists at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference discussed findings that whales and dolphins “are capable of advanced cognitive abilities (such as problem-solving, artificial ‘language’ comprehension, and complex social behavior), indicating that these cetaceans are far more intellectually and emotionally sophisticated than previously thought,” according to www.care2.com.

Speakers on a panel at the conference “presented multiple examples of cetaceans acting with empathy, cooperation, and self awareness.” On that basis they supported granting whales and dolphins “basic rights to life, liberty and well-being.”

For more information on the movement to protect whales and dolphins, read the Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans.

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