The Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Review Your Severance Agreement published my article, co-written with Tammy Marzigliano, about how to get the best severance agreement you can. Read it at in Susan Adams’ column.

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One thought on “The Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Review Your Severance Agreement

  1. Hemanthkumar says:

    Jeremy, I’ve been through tioeshmng like this in the last year (I wasn’t actually fired but was getting an inordinant amount of pressure from my employer to stop blogging OR ELSE) and I found a good labour lawyer (in Australia) who successfully fought my case. It was worth it to get legal assistance, even though it cost a bomb. It made me more than it cost me. Here’s what I’d recommend: get a copy of your employment agreement, and copies of their termination letter to you and then find the BIGGEST, NASTIEST industrial relations law firm you can in your area. And have one meeting with them to assess your case. If they want to take it on, ask them to work on a fee-for-success basis. The biggest thing I learned from my experience was the value of a good lawyer. It took all of the emotional pressure off of me. I knew that if there was a positive outcome to be had, my lawyer would find and maximize it.In retrospect, it was the best thing that happened to me. Forced me to go out on my own. I’m confident you will feel the same way 12 months from now.Good luck!Cameron

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