The Gender Pay Gap Got Smaller – and That’s A Bad Thing

The pay gap between women and men shrank by 1% in 2011 – that’s the good news. The bad news: it’s not because women’s pay increased – it dropped. But men’s pay dropped more. Lowering everyone’s earning power to close the gender gap echoes the story of Midas, who wished for wealth and wound up turning everything he touched (like, say, food, or his daughter) into gold. The price for his wish was too high. Women’s wish is pay equality, but not at the price of lower incomes for everyone.

Actually, everyone should wish for pay equality. TIME Magazine’s latest cover story, “The Richer Sex,” announces that “by the next generation, more families will be supported by women than by men.” Put that together with the pay gap and you find more families getting by on less income than before. It behooves men and children, as well as women, for employers to pay women what they pay men.

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2 thoughts on “The Gender Pay Gap Got Smaller – and That’s A Bad Thing

  1. BLAP says:

    As a member of the older–no oldest–generation I am greatly concerned about how my children and grandchildren can experience the level of living I’ve been priviledged to experience. Only when women are on a level with men in all ways–not just salary-wise–can there be true equality.

  2. Simon says:

    Really refreshing blog and as a man with a wife and 3 year old dhueatgr I’d like to say that anything that empowers and gives women equality is 100% great in my eyes. I say this as I was raised by my mother and grandmother and came from a predominantly female household this in itself taught me one hell of a lot especially upholding certain values which I think are lost on a lot of people and prime amongst these was respect for your peers regardless of their sex.Anyway my upbringing was all positive in every sense. I’d like my dhueatgr to grow up in an equal and fairer society than the one we have now as it’s a real shame that equality has been hijacked by some in the media to spread negative information about it’s impact on society. Out of interest I came to your site by what I can only describe as base and disturbing images from suitsupply .they are truly disgusting & I’ve written to both suitsupply and westfield to register my revulsion at their ad campaign!Keep your great blog site going.BestAndre

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