Thai Government Said to Slaughter Elephants to Steal Their Babies

Originally published on Care2.

No place is safe for elephants in Thailand right now, including sanctuaries and rescue centers.

The trouble started with tourist centers clamoring for more baby elephants because they draw tourists, and tourists spend money.

Thailand’s government allegedly complied: officials appear to have underwritten the slaughter of adult elephants living in national parks in order to steal their babies.

Baby elephants stolen for tourism endure unthinkable suffering. “They are immobilized, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with nails for days at a time. These ritualized “training” sessions leave the elephants badly injured, traumatized, or even dead.”

The leaders of two respected elephant sanctuaries in Thailand, the Elephant Nature Park and the Wildlife Friends of Thailand, spoke out against the government-sponsored massacre, and in what looks like retaliation, the government raided their facilities, confiscated resident elephants, and threatened to confiscate more.

Help protect the elephants in Thai sanctuaries and the brave people who care for them and speak out on behalf of wild elephants by sending Thailand’s Tourism Authority a message that you will not visit Thailand until the government stops raiding elephant sanctuaries, returns confiscated animals, and takes effective action to protect wild elephants.


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