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Choosing Childfree is my new blog about the decision whether to have kids.

People who have chosen either way and those trying to make up their minds are all welcome.

Please stop by!

One thought on “Visit Choosing Childfree, My New Blog!

  1. Arjhen says:

    I’m child free by choice for the most part. I’ve cheson not to keep going through with fertility treatments because it doesn’t allow me to have any kind of life and I’m tired of the bad news and spending money I don’t have. So being child free is still a choice that I’ve decided. I have way too many friends that are either pregnant every time I take a breath or already have at least one child and this is a favorite topic that always comes out of their mouths. I must say this can be extremely annoying to hear about ALL THE TIME! I can’t get on my facebook anymore without seeing some kind of comment or post for example sorry I’ve been such a crappy friend, I’ve been busy being an awesome mother. Oh, the baby is kicking again I can understand excitement and its all new to her, but its not new to the world! They are not the first woman in the world to be pregnant or have kids, so I completely understand the child free point of view where hearing about and seeing it constantly gets old and I can defitnitley see how this is a pronatalist world we live in. Saying to have children is our only reason for existence is just too far, cause there are plenty of women in this world who aren’t able to procreate even with fertility so just a little bit more sensitivity from people who are parents would be wonderful to us who are not. I don’t think that is so much to ask anyways since parents ask for so much sensorship from us when we are around their kids as to not let little billy learn a bad word or watch a certain show. I feel as if people with children get a lot more respect and a lot more sensitivity then non parents and that my friends is I believe what she was talking about.

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