Media Coverage

Fox Business Network, Varney & Co., June 2012
Lawsuit Against Los Angeles Zoo on Behalf of Elephants


StateNet Capitol Journal, February 2012
States, Feds Ponder Efforts To Protect Unemployed in Hiring


Ignite, June 2011
What the Supremes’ Wal-Mart Decision Means for Fund Firms


The Gazette, June 2011
Women and Wal-Mart


Psychology Today, June 2011
Sabbaticals for Singles?


The Globe and Mail, June 2011
Why is it Single People Who Get Stuck Working Weekends?


Marsha Dean Walker Blog Talk Radio, March 2011
Gender Discrimination (Radio)


The Daily, December 2010
No Childless Left Behind: All Workers Deserve the Type of Leave that New Parents Get


The Daily News, January 2010
City Put Homeless into Foreclosed Homes


The Indypendent,  November 2009
Bloomberg’s Reelection


France’s First Radio Network,  August 2009
One-Way Tickets Out of NYC


Queens Chronicle,  April 2009
City, Activists Differ on Homeless Count


CBS Channel 2 News,  March 2009
Senior Advocates Fight to Keep Drop-In Center Open


Business Week,  October 2007
Wage Wars


The Conference Board Review,  July/August 2007
Why Good Companies Still Get Sued


PayScale,  July 2007
Supreme Court Pay-Discrimination Ruling Stirs Debate


Christian Science Monitor,  January 2007
The Spread of Credit Checks as Civil Rights Issue


CNN Open House,  November 2006
Impact on Minorities of Using Credit as a Hiring Criterion


Inside Edition,  July 2006
Did President Bush Sexually Harass German Chancellor Merkel?


CNBC On the Money,  March 2006
Should Business Executives Meet at Strip Clubs?


USA Today,  March 2006
Should Business Executives Meet at Strip Clubs?